Bicycle Wine Rack


This bicycle wine rack will allow you to go on the road with your wine (or I suppose nip to the shop to pick up a bottle). Mind the bumps now!



Pokitt is a flexible card carrier for smartcards and credit cards. Moulded from a soft flexible polymer material, it is designed to be unobtrusive in a pocket. It can only carry two cards at once, but you wont need to take your card Oyster card out to scan it as it works through the case. 

I kind of like it. 

Pocket Film Festival


Call for Films!
As part of the Southbank Bristol Arts Trail 2011, which will be held in May, we are calling for people to unleash the hidden director inside of them. Dig into your pocket, pull out your digital camera or smartphone and make us a small film. Films must be a maximum of two minutes long, and can be on any subject and fall into any category – experimental, comedy, drama, animation, documentary – its up to you! Set the world to rights with a documentary, make that funny short film, or create a mysterious experimental piece. Anything goes.

Films may be edited prior to submission, which allows you to add necessary credits etc and add music if you have permission to use it. You can submit up to three films to the festival in a single submission. Group submissions are welcome. There is a one of fee of £5 to cover costs, cheques to be made payable to SBA.

We will aim to show all films throughout the Arts Trail weekend at a specially created cinema in the Southville Centre, Beauley Road, Bristol. Selected films may be shown on the SBA website ( There will be a prize for the overall selected winner of £100, with a second prize of £50. Other prizes to be announced soon!

The closing date for submissions is the 10th May 2011. (Deadline extended)

Please go to for an entry form and more details

Chairs made from old jeans

These chairs are made from old clothes, such as T shirts and jeans. I dont know if they are functional and if you can sit on them or not. Created by German designer Tobias Juretzek for Italian furniture brand Casamania they were presented in an installation at Milan Design week 2011.


Detail of the chair:


Imagine some future archeologist unraveling one of these chairs and finding odd things in the pockets like bus tickets and wondering “WHY?” Fun though!

Turn Your Mobile Phone Screen into a Solar Panel

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We’re no strangers to solar-powered cell phones. Umeox unveiled a solar-power Android just last month, and Samsung has launched three different varieties over the last couple years. These models come with built in solar-energy capabilities, but a small French technology company called Wysips has created a new technology that would allow any cell phone to use solar power. They designed a thin, transparent, photovoltaic film that is placed on a phone’s screen to continuously top off a gadget’s charge using only the sun.

The coating is incredibly thin, less than 100 microns deep, and contains strips of transparent photovoltaic cells laid on the screen that capture enough solar energy to produce electricity. On top of the cells is a layer of cylindrical lenticular lenses, which allow the user to see the light from the screen undistorted. It would not affect touch-screen abilities. According to Wysips, the coating can charge a typical cell phone battery in about six hours with constant direct sunlight, but it would take longer indoors.

With the coating, you would need to plug your cell phone in way less. Instead, just let it sit on your desk like you normally do and it will charge itself. Plus, it would allow phone companies to create slimmer batteries meaning slimmer, greener, devices. Wysips designed the coating so it can be tailored to any device — not just cell phones. They hope to see the technology implemented into tablets and e-readers as well. They are already working on a next-generation model, which would allow 30 to 60 minutes of talk time from an hour of charging.

+ Wysips

Via Fast Company

Video and image by LaptopMag

Hopefully coming soon to certain manufacturers, a film that goes over the screen of your mobile phone that allows you to continuously charge your phone (as long as it is in the light I suppose). Click through for the video.