How to make a Moleskine iPad Case

Lets just sit for a moment, and visualise a future day. This is not just any day – its the magical, fantastic day that you finally get your new iPad and set off for your latte at your favourite coffee shop. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you feel on top of the world. Then the unthinkable happens. You drop the iPad. Suddenly your ideal day turns nasty, like a bad dream. Everything is moving in slow motion, with you shouting “Nooooo…” in slowed down noise and grabbing to catch your beloved Apple product before it contacts anything.

Well, that bad ending for that dream day could have been averted if you had purchased another iconic company’s product, the Moleskine iPad case. But you didn’t, because it was too expensive. You cheapskate.
Well, the Modern Day Pirates have come to the rescue. On the site you can find instructions on how to make your own, customised, Moleskine style iPad case. And for a fraction of the cost too. The costs on the site are in US Dollars, but at $18.75 for the lot, it seems extremely worth having a go.
DIY Moleskine iPad Case
DIY Moleskine iPad Case
The finished article.
Now you can feel like Hemmingway while you sip your coffee.

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