BBC Four Programmes – Art Deco Icons

BBC – BBC Four Programmes – Art Deco Icons.

Art Deco Icons

Had plenty to of time to waste this afternoon so I  watched three episodes on BBC iPlayer of a mini series that has been running on BBC Four for the last few weeks about art deco in Britain.

The series is introduced by Historian David Heathcote, who, apart from needing a haircut, really knows his stuff about art deco and gets all enthusiastic when he comes across deco details. And there are plenty in this mini series. The first episode was about Claridge’s, the up-market hotel in Mayfair created by the D’Oyly Carte family, yes the people from the Gilbert and Sullivan Operas. The second episode covered London Transport and their art deco makeover of the network. The third episode was about Casa Del Rio, a remarkable art deco fantasy set in rural Devon of all places. Slightly silly but at least it brightened up my afternoon.

David Heathcote got to spend a night at Claridge’s and at Casa Del Rio, both lovely places to stay I expect. Both seemed to be excuses to have lots of cocktails of which I thoroughly approve so good for him.

There is a fourth episode lined up, about the Orient Express, where I expect our hero, still needing a haircut, will ply his way across Europe drinking cocktails and taking our minds off the awful recession by showing us shiny stuff.  Well worth a watch on iPlayer if you can get to it from where you are.


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