Ospop Migration


Following on from Ospop's classic canvas shoe, similar to those worn by millions of Chinese workers every day, they have created a series of canvas bags, lined with the ubiquitous plaid She Pi Dai material which is also used to make the bags that Chinese workers use when travelling. All very proletarian and so forth! But I kind of like it for all that. Nice bags. The symbol on the bags BTW is Gong, which means labour. 

I would really like a pair of the shoes in size 9. If anyone is listening!

Posted via email from Pete Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Ospop Migration

  1. Pete – and Pete’s friends and followers – ospop. is looking to grow its presence in the UK. We’re about to engage Facebook in a significant way. Beyond some advantageous pricing deals and contest giveaways – we’ll be talking more about art + culture + giving – as they relate to our brand, it’s values and vision.

  2. OSPOP Shoe, originally called Jie Fang Xie, meaning Liberation Shoe, it was first made at the beginning of 50’s, along with the start of Chinas rubber industry. The army was the first to add a cotton canvas upper to transform them into the sneaker design still in production today. The shoe has taken the people through world wars, revolutions, vast political and economic change and is still the most popular choice of work shoe as China retakes it’s claim as the original superpower. Purchasing info http://www.ospopshoe.com

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