Google’s Chrome Browser


Today Google will be releasing it’s new web browser, Chrome. This will be seen by many people as an attack on Microsoft and it’s control of the browser on the desktop, an attack on IE8 and it’s attempt to control the search market. Not that Google has anything to worry about in that sphere! Tech bloggers and pundits are commenting that it will deepen the rift between Microsoft and Google.

But look carefully at what Google are saying in this cartoon article. They mention that they have done this for all the right reasons. They seem to have a genuine desire to start again with the web browser. There are many faults with browsers, and most of them stem from the fact that they were designed really with text in mind, to display scientific articles and not YouTube videos or Facebook pages full of JavaScript. Google has realised what most people already know, that browsers are clunky at best and get clunkier as you use them. Google wants to redesign the browser to make life easier to supply all kinds of services, and make the browser “platform” more stable by putting separate tabs into different threads.

Google has also made it’s work open source, and have made it available to anyone to take and improve further, and incorporate these ideas into their own browsers. The aim is to spread the love, not just keep it for their own game. They actually call on the other browser makers to incorporate this to make things safer for ordinary people who use the web. I think it is a good development. This is a major step forward for the browser, and while it may seem a bit lacking in features at first, there is no doubt that it will become a very sophisticated browser in the future. Interesting times!


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