sliderocket really, er, rocks


Before we start, let’s lay my cards on the table. I hate being in presentations, and pray that they will end quite soon after they start. The poor use of text, clip art and bad photographs (if you are lucky to get any) mean that it is a painful experience for me. It actually physically hurts me to look at bad fonts with cartoon clip art. Honest.

PowerPoint is obviously the software of choice for most people in business. And although it is great software in many ways, especially in its integration with SharePoint 2007, it is easy to still make bad slide shows using it. We have all seen them, and while it’s not PowerPoint’s fault per-se, it makes it far too easy to make stuff that is, well, bad on the eye. I have made bad PowerPoint presentations myself in the past, and I apologise to those who have had to sit through them.

Having been forced to use PowerPoint to make my presentations over the years, I have often looked on in jealousy when I have seen people use Apple iWork Keynote for presenting. It just looks so slick, and those transitions are great. Well, you don’t have to be jealous any more, and it doesn’t matter what platform you are on. SlideRocket is here to change the game.


SlideRocket really is a game changing piece of software. For starters, it runs on practically every platform. That is because it is web based. SlideRocket call it a rich-internet application. Who am I to argue? It is certainly that. That means you can use it on Windows, Mac and Linux. And you are not stuck to just being able to use it when you have an Internet connection. There is an Adobe AIR desktop client that caches the presentations locally, allowing you to run them when you are off the grid.

Next, SlideRocket allows you to integrate high resolution images and video into your presentation. Yes, video. And it has a way of allowing you to store and organise those assets so that you can use them in future presentations. This functionality approaches what is possible in SharePoint. You can also store slides for future use, and if you use it in an organisation, you can set who can use slides and for what. Good for marketing departments to have control over slide deck assets.

You can also extend SlideRocket with its plug-ins. These allow for all kinds of effects to be used with images. You have to see it to believe it, so here is a link to the presentation:


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