sba arts trail deadline for artists

A set of images from past Arts Trails

If you were thinking of taking part in the 2008 Southbank Bristol Arts Trail, you’re too late. You just missed the deadline of 22nd February. If you beg, crawl and plead with Janine Partington, you might just get in, but only if you do so within the next two days. The forms and stuff for taking part are available from the SBA web site.

The reason we have to have a deadline in the first place is that we have to produce a printed brochure, and that has to be designed and laid out by the graphic designer first. The graphic designer then needs to get our approval, then back to the printers to get printed. It all takes time, so we allow ourselves a few weeks for it all to get done. That is why we have a deadline of the 22nd February, or else it wouldn’t all get done in time.

Of course if you still want to be involved in the 2008 Southbank Bristol Arts Trail, and have now missed the deadline, you can still apply, and even get your name and details on the web site. You just wont get an entry into the printed brochure.  So get your skates on!


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