my online strategy for 2008

Well, it’s actually going to be my overall strategy for 2008, but anyway, here goes. 2007 has been an odd year for me, with the defining factor being that I haven’t had enough money to get by. That means all kinds of things I wanted to do I couldn’t, or had to cut back on. Like photography. I haven’t had a 35mm film developed since April. And the SX-70 has not been out of the cupboard all year. That is a crying shame. I had to drop my Flickr pro account. And this blog nearly went out the window, until I shuffled some stuff to keep it online. It is still costing me too much but it is such a central part of what I do know it would be almost impossible to give it up. So its stays. But even though the financial situation hasn’t improved, I am determined that it is not going to alter my ability to plan for the year ahead. With the above in mind, my strategies for next year will be:

  1. More art. I let my creative side dry up a bit last year, mostly because of lack of cash for materials and lack of time to do stuff in. Not in 2008. I am going to find the money from somewhere. Art is part of how I define myself, its part of me. I find it hard to stop being creative and if I don’t make something, anything for a while I start to lose it a bit. So I am going to spend more time taking photos, drawing, making sculptures, looking at sunsets, daydreaming and generally doing all the things I haven’t been doing. I am now Chair of the South(bank) Bristol Arts, so I suppose I ought to be producing some art. I have started working on a sculpture. And I ought to do some more work on that book I started drawing for.
  2. I want to develop this blog so that it is more personal. I think it need more of me and my life here, it seems a little impersonal sometimes. So it will get a makeover sometime soon, with a new focus, me, possibly a new name and a new identity. I want to blog more so expect more of a story here about what goes on in my life.
  3. Social networking. 2007 saw me using Twitter and Jaiku and Pownce and Facebook and Ning, and, well, you get the message. Seemed to be a tidal wave of social networks. Some have fallen out of use somewhat, but Twitter and Facebook seem to be very important. So I will continue to use social network tools, although I feel that I ought to cut back a bit. And I need to concentrate again on Ning. Going to further develop my microbrand!
  4. Technology. Going to continue working on SharePoint 2007 at work, and I expect that is going to grow even more in the next year to take up even more of my time. I don’t want the technology to take over so much next year, so I am going to play down the tech side in my life, although will still blog about it here to get it out of my system.

So that’s it. More talking, more art, more focus. Seems easy, but as a wise man once said "no plan survives contact with the enemy" so it might get watered down somewhat as the year progresses. Happy 2008 to you.


2 thoughts on “my online strategy for 2008

  1. Yo Peter…

    Very pleased to hear that you’re overcoming the financial hurdles. Sorry to hear about the Flickr lapse. When I’m flush, I’ll buy you a pro account. Should be by end of Jan.

    My motto is: ‘I live my art in prosperity and abundance’. And it’s mostly completely true.

    I too had a strange year. Some of it was pumping, with loads of money. But most of it was very lean indeed.

    Nevertheless…. 2008 approaches. May it bring abundance for all!

    Blue skies

  2. Hi Roy
    Thanks dude. Just re-read my blog post, and it sounds pretty grim, I must admit I spent the first part of the year beginning to doubt my fellow man, but have certainly ended it with my faith in human nature fully restored! The people who rallied around my family and helped in the last month has been phenomenal. I have been inspired, and humbled. I also realize that there are many people this Christmas who are in much worse situations than we find ourselves, so I am also determined to help others throughout next year whenever and wherever I can, no matter how small or insignificant that help might seem to me.

    Your words mean a lot to me. I am certain that 2008 will be a better year for us all. Onwards and upwards!

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