cross browser html editing in sharepoint 2007


    Some people have pointed out that SharePoint 2007 doesn’t support cross-browser editing of HTML pages. This is true, when you use the built-in editor in SharePoint to edit HTML pages, the editing controls don’t work with some browsers. I have already realised this, and the plan is at some point to drop in the Telerik RADEditor .


    This editor will give us cross-browser compatibility for HTML editing, as well as ensuring standards compliance

    RadEditor v5.0 introduces a number of new features, which help the user paste formatted content from Microsoft Word and other applications, and apply different types of format stripping:

    1. Strip Word-formatting on paste

    2. Strip Word-formatting on paste (cleaning fonts and sizes)

    3. Forced format stripping on Paste

    4. Word Content in Clipboard Interception

    5. Strip Word-formatting after paste

    6. Paste plain text

    7. Paste as HTML


    The image manager of RadEditor v5.0 has been enhanced to allow image re-sampling (thumbnail generation) of files, which are already located on the web-server. the past versions allowed image re-sampling only during upload. Thumbnails can also be generated from the Image Properties dialog (Image context menu).


    I don’t have any timescales for this at present, but it is on my to-do list.


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