windows live writer – again


I have re-installed Windows Live Writer. I have been around practically all of the blogging software out there and whilst I have a few favourites, there always seems to be some little function that isn’t there or some thing that doesn’t work.

I really like Flock, and the blogging functions are quite good. The bit that lets it down is the support for images. I tried ScribeFire for Firefox, and that too is very good, as long as I don’t try to post stuff to, the admin there shouts at me as it produces messy code. The image management in ScribeFire is better than in Flock. I tried Word 2007, but it sometimes forgets how to connect to my blog. It actually works very well for when you are blogging to SharePoint, but as I’m on WordPress here that doesn’t help. I even tried Google Docs, which allows you to write a document and then publish it to your blog as an article. That works really well, and even manages any images for you. The problem for me is the really stupid way it handles line wrapping, like, it can’t. And then there is the problem of it messing around with styles. You can’t paste text into it from another blog to quote with messing up the styles. Big problem when you want to blog about something. So although I really like the idea of having a centrally managed blog software, it’s not to be (yet).

Now, I tried Windows Live Writer before, and was impressed (eventually, after getting it installed), but it was always let down by its general beta state. It had rough edges. Well, I’ve been around all the houses and here I am back at Windows Live Writer again to see how it has developed now it is in final release. The installer seemed to be a bit insistent that I install all kinds of Windows Live branded stuff. If I was a novice I would probably have let it install all kinds of crap and set my start pages to Windows Live etc. Its really annoying that when I asked for the download for Windows Live Writer, it bundled in all those other packages too. Microsoft, please don’t do that.

After the install woes, however, it seems to be a much improved interface, and it connected to my blog with little problem. The interface is clean and very well laid out, like a mini word processor (the company DOES have some experience in these matters). Getting images into the page seems to be very easy, although this is the first post that I have tried so far. And the editing window reflects what you will see on the finished page.

I haven’t tried the plug-ins yet, but the list of available ones seems to be fairly comprehensive. I have also yet to see the code that this puppy puts out, to see if I can use it to post to without getting yelled at by Lawrence (sorry Loz) but I’m going to look at what is produced and will report back on long term findings – as usual if I can be bothered.


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