Selecting pieces for an exhibition

selecting art for an exhibition

Homecoming Exhibition image

Because I was basically the only person not putting an entry into the Homecoming exhibition at the Grant Bradley Gallery, it fell upon me to join the selection committee and select pieces to go into the show. Now, that’s not strictly true. Barbara Galatti, another member of the SBA, was also asked, as she has a lot of experience in these matters.

The selection process was very hard work, and has been a real eye opener for me. The standard of the work submitted to us was very high, and it has been a difficult process to whittle it down to the shortlist. The exhibition was open to any artist in the Bristol and surrounding area. Shortlisting was a very tiring experience, made harder by the fact that I know a lot of the people who have submitted work. Having a theme of “Homecoming” was good, as it meant that we had some criterion with which to measure submitted pieces against. Each artist submitted a small amount of text which was intended to act as a caption and to explain the piece. Some artists had stretched the theme a bit, but on the whole we received good stuff that explored what “Homecoming” means to them in a variety of ways. We saw stuff that made us smile, we saw stuff that made us laugh out loud. We saw some things that made us feel a bit sad. I think we have a very exciting exhibition that reflects the very creative artists in the Bristol area.

The items in the shortlist now go to the Grant Bradley Gallery for final approval and selection by their curator. We dont expect our list to change dramatically, maybe a person will move from the “maybe” pile to the “yes” pile, but I think that will be about it. The Homecoming exhibition will be at the Grant Bradley Gallery, Bedminster from 26 October to 22 November 2007. Worth a look, and if you cant get to the exhibition, I will be putting the selected pieces onto the SBA website in the very near future.


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