maxthon2 browser

I have many obsessions, one of which is drawing, another photography (and the associated obsession of cameras). Usually I keep my obessions in healthy check and don’t let one or more of them get out of control. One of my wierdest obsessions is with collecting and using different web browsers (very wierd). Why? I’m not sure, I like exploring the different feature sets, looking at the different plugins and widgets. I like the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, ways that they render web pages differently to each other. Indeed I love to look at certain websites with a certain browser. I like to use Safari to read art and design based sites, they just look better using it. I use Flock when I go to Flickr, mostly because it has built-in tools to look at photo streams. I like the way Opera renders some pages. And opera’s widgets are very good. I feel safe using Opera.

Where some of these browsers fall down is when I want to access SharePoint, which I have to do a lot for my work. Its not that they dont work with SharePoint, they do, it’s just that you get the best experience with SharePoint when you use one of the IE based browsers. The most common is of course IE7, which is better than IE6, but still has gaping holes and I really wouldn’t trust it without using IE7Pro, an add-on which not only makes IE7 usable but makes it secure. Dont believe me? Go and try it out for yourself. The other browser that has been around for a while that uses IE7 is Maxthon. I hadn’t used it for a while but I installed it again the other day and was very surpirised at how this browser had developed.

This browser has excellent features, and besides adding security to IE (you need IE7 installed to be able to use Maxthon as it uses it as the engine) it adds all kinds of features, probably too many to mention in a single post. I like the Twitter add-in, I have tried Twitter add-ins and widgets in all the browsers, and I must say I like the look of this one the most. Maxthon adds extra security, as well as blocking ads, both pop-up and text (yes I know IE7Pro can do this). There is a good community behind Maxthon, so there is a steady stream of plug-ins and skins. Worth checking out if you have the time. Oh, by the way, if you want to make a browser that’s going to get me to use it, you’ve got to make that interface as clean as possible, without too many buttons or the option to turn them off. Maxthon seems to fit the bill today, but as I said I’m obsessive, and tomorrow’s another day….

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