sba ning thing

sba ning thing

I created a Ning? Whats a Ning? It’s a site ( that allows you to create your own social network sites. Social networking being the hhot thing out there I created a Ning site at to act as a backup and a focus for networking for the Southbank Bristol Arts organisation. Ning looks good, it has a wealth of features and crucially for the busy non-tchnical people who just need to get something up and running quickly it doesnt need you to be a web guru. They claim you can get a site up and running in minutes, although I guarantee that you will spend longer because its actually quite fun to play around with. If you do want to delve deeper they expose all of the source code to you, so if you do have more experience or you want to do something a little bit more you can get under the hood and customise. Ning has some pre-made widgets for you to try out, and even has a wizard to allow you to expose your ning content in other sites like Facebook. If you want to spend some money with them you can buy more storage and add your own domain name. Of course if you are serious about it then I recommend that you do buy the extras. All in all a good product. Invite your friends. We are at


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