blogs and wikis and sharepoint oh my!

I work with SharePoint, and have recently been moving to SharePoint 2007. Our users have been very patient, even excited, by the move to SharePoint 2007. The reason? It allows them to do all kinds of things that they haven’t been allowed to do in the past, like share stuff, and organize people, and just well, generally communicate better between teams and departments. In that respect SharePoint has been a bit of a disruptive technology at UWE. I use the word disruptive in a nice, web 2.0 way, not in a naughty schoolboy kind of way. So SharePoint has really empowered people to be able to do stuff they just couldn’t easily before without the help of IT or other technical support. The move to SharePoint 2007 has additionally held the promise of blogs and wikis. Now these users are DESPERATE to get their hands on such things. They use blogs at home. Some have used wikis at other organizations. They clearly see the benefits, even if in IT Services that benefit is dismissed rather lightly (I work in IT Services at UWE by the way, so I am qualified to speak). Some people in the IT Services department haven’t even HEARD of wikis. And if they have, they haven’t used one or are suspicious of it because they will have NO CONTROL over what goes into it. Scary for them. But nonetheless the user’s want it. And SharePoint has it just about everywhere.


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