may need to move here permanently

Becuase of the continuing cost of upkeep on the domain and the website hosting, I may at some point in the near future have to move the site to here. That will mean I would have to move the old posts here too. I dont know how to go about doing that so will have to do some investigations, but it must be possible to export the posts from a WordPress site and move it to a blog fairly simply? If anyone reads this and knows how to do it then please let me know!


2 thoughts on “may need to move here permanently

  1. The FAQ in WordPress makes it sound very straightforward (see extract below)…but I haven’t tried it!

    “How do I move posts between blogs?
    If you have a blog here but decide you want a new blog name, you can move all your posts, pages, comments and categories between the two very easily.

    In blog 1:
    Login > Manage > Export > save the file

    In blog 2:
    Login > Manage > Import > upload the file

    That’s all there is to it.”

  2. Thanks Dave. My version of WordPress on my domain is still 2.0, which doesnt have the export function 😦 I suppose I will have to upgrade it to get that functionality just so I can move! I dont think its that much of an issue, just dont want to lose 2-3 years of posts.

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