king street

king street

king streetOriginally uploaded by bus_stopper.

Part of an illustration of King Street I am doing for a future book, a collaboration with a local historian about Bristol Streets. We will take several streets in central Bristol, I’ll do the illustrations and she will write about the history and development of that street. Its going to take a while to do all the pictures…

I am working in pen and ink, on quite rough watercolour paper. I want the line to be quite sketchy, although having only just started this project its going to take me a while to get my “eye” in and get the feel of it right. That’s going to develop as I progress with the drawings. We want a “quality” feel to the book, and I want the viewer to be drawn into the picture, to imagine themself walking down that street as if they are there. Again, that’s going to take some time to get right.


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