Twittervision and the world-wide cake…

Twittervision and the world-wide cake meme

A few days ago I was witness to something quite unique. The spread of a meme across the world. It was the world wide spread of an idea, and it took less than a minute to go worldwide, and carried on for ten minutes before dying out. The meme? I want some cake. The medium? Twitter, or to be more exact, Twittervision. It was a simple statement by somebody, I can’t quite remember where, I think it was France, to the effect that they were hungry and would quite like some cake. That was replied to by someone in England, and it was then picked up in other countries by other people. Soon, practically everyone was talking about cake. I wanted cake myself. Now, imagine that idea is something like a real product that you want to publicize. Or an idea that you want to spread. You could have GLOBAL influence within a minute or so. Think about that, that’s something you couldn’t have had even a year ago, even with blogs. Instant global reach with instant global feedback. The global conversation has begun, in near realtime. Will an idea catch on? Try it in Twittervision, and see. If you are ignored, your idea was crap. If it sticks, you have a winner.


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