microsoft onenote 2007

Microsoft OneNote 2007 is a fantastic application designed for taking notes wherever you have your laptop. It’s more freeform than Microsoft Word, allowing you to keep stuff in multiple notebooks, sections and pages. And each of the pages will allow you to add or edit stuff at any point in the page. This could be a fantastic creative tool, as good if not better than some mind-mapping software for keeping notes.

sharing a note

The pages are saved automatically as you type. Things you paste in are scanned and indexed, even photos that contain text are indexed. You can also add audio stuff, and that gets run through the pattern recogniser and indexed too. I am going to investigate keeping mind maps in OneNote, as well as other freeform notes. I will report back when I have used it for a few days. It does seem to be fairly comprehensive, it’s just a matter of seeing if it’s too freeform.


By the way, taking screen shots into OneNote is easy too:

As the above shot of Google Talk shows, with imified running with my Twitter updates coming in. You can also work on notes collaboratively with other people, and you can all edit a note at the same time. Of course for this to happen you are going to need a shared drive or in my case SharePoint. I assume you could do it with Microsoft Office Groove too, but I haven’t tested that yet.


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