mind mapping with bubbl.us

Jason Clarke at Download Squad has a good article about two new online mind mapping applications, MindMeister and bubble.us. Mind mapping software is very useful to the creative process, as you probably know, but also usually very expensive as I am sure you also know.


Read Jason’s article then go and have a look at the two different sites. You can get stuck in at bubble.us without even registering, although you need to register to save anything. MindMeister is still in private beta, so you cant test it, although they will let you sign up for their newsletter, woot! Do these people not get it?

UPDATE: Thanks to Larry Hendrick, I now have some invitations to the beta of MindMeister. If you want an invite let me know and I will send you one. I will do a more in depth review of this, plus some other mind mapping software, soon.


4 thoughts on “mind mapping with bubbl.us

  1. Peter, I have a few invites to MindMeister left (about 12) if you want to offer them to your readers. Rather than spam your comments, contact me via email if you are interested in offering the invites through me or just let people know they can visit my site and request them. Thanks …

  2. Larry, thats very kind of you. I am sure you will get some takers for this. If you want to send an invite to me I will try to do a fuller review of MindMeister, as I think I was a bit harsh on them in the article.

  3. Just to round out the references: There are two other on-line mindmapping services that have appeared recently: mindomo.com and kayuda.com. Both worth a look.

    I have only been able to bubble.us to load properly twice. Most times I try I get “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.” I went there just now – same problem. If I click through IE7’s warnings, a Server Administrator’s Login page appears. ???

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