red nose day creative challenge

As it’s Comic Relief (Red Nose Day) here in the UK on Friday, which aims to raise money for various charities both here in the Uk and in other countries, I hereby issue the “Red Nose Day Challenge.” What I want you to do is get out there with your cameraphone, digital camera or film camera, and capture the colour red. Doesn’t matter if its a point of red in a sea of grey, or a massive area of red. Just get out there and get the images. When you’ve got enough, you need to string the images together and then write a story about the series of events that is unfolding. That can be made up or real. It’s up to you. Just get out there and get something red and then write about it in some way. If you are feeling particularly philanthropic, send some money the the Comic Relief people. Its what the day is really about anyway.


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