virgin vs. sky

Well, as a customer by default of Virgin Media (I was a Telewest customer before they were taken over by NTL, then Virgin) I now find that as of one minute past midnight this morning I can no longer receive Sky One, which was part of the package that I had signed a contract to receive. Thanks Virgin for not trying harder to resolve this problem. Indeed Virgin’s behaviour over the last week or so has been very immature, and does not reflect well on them as a company. Richard Branson should be ashamed of how his company has postured itself over this, although I suspect he is so rich that he doesn’t give a damn. All I know is that I have Kial and Connor, my two sons, asking why they can’t watch Futurama and The Simpsons this evening. I might well ask the same thing! Have I been told by Virgin that this would happen? No. Have I been offered a discount to make up for their breach of contract? No. Will I be switching to another TV supplier? Yes! Goodbye Virgin Media, unfortunately you dont understand what makes a modern company successful and what customer service is about. They could have sorted this out in a creative fashion but chose instead to pretend to be the underdog in a petty old style turf war. Sad.


One thought on “virgin vs. sky

  1. The actions of both parties can be perceived as immature but maybe that’s just the way media is these days – unfortunately.
    Visit our site to join the campaign to have your TV channels reinstated through public demand.

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