creativity exercises

I have found that fostering or maintaining creativity is quite difficult, but can be kickstarted by a series of exercises. These can range from simple observation exercises designed to make to look at your environment in a new way, to more complex assignments that really stretch you. A good start, as I mentioned the other day, is to go outside, lie back and just take a few minutes, ten minutes, looking at the clouds. Just observe, and see if you can see any shapes forming. Of course, if its raining where you are that’s not a lot of help! To help that here is an alternative for today.

We all know the basic shapes, such as the triangle, square, pentagon etc. What I want you to do is try to find those shapes in your day. Indoors or outdoors, it doesnt matter (not on the television!) but try to find them, big or small. Keep your eye out throughout the day for a triangle, square (easy!), rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon (or septagon) and an octagon. You can either just spot them, or photograph them, or draw them if you want! Its the looking that’s the important part.
Using these techniques seems easy, and they are! But what they do is increase your capacity to observe, to think, and to make associations. The element of chance is introduced, which is vital for creativity, and if nothing else gets you out of the house and getting some fresh air. Jefferson


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