blue skies


Blue skies. A symbol of things to come and of fresh starts. Who hasn’t laid on their back in the sand and watched as the clouds raced by, forming and re-forming shapes in the sky. That ability, to create shapes out of water vapour, is built in to us. The ability to see patterns where there might not be any. That is our creativity at work. Our own built-in creativity. Everybody has it, especially when young. Everybody has it built-in.

People often complain to me that they are not creative, that they couldnt possibly be an artist, or a designer, or someone who writes code. I say they are creative, they just dont develop it enough. Every time you make a decision, you are actually making a creative choice. It might not seem so, as most people often decide these things unconsciously. What we need to do is wake people up so that they can make conscious decisions.

I am going to re-align this blog so that I can concentrate on the creative processes that people make, and talk about them in some detail. I think that for the last ten months that the website has been heading that way anyway, so it’s not much of a change. Just a few tweaks here and there. I want to look at how the creative process starts, how people decide what to do and when. We will concentrate on the arts but also continue to look at new technologies, as they are very important. But what I dont want to be is a list of the new gadgets coming out and how cool they are etc. I think that is already covered adequately elsewhere (engadget). I dont want to be a list of cool arts stuff either, as I dont have the resources to cover those items (We Make Money Not Art, Cool Hunting). No, I want to get under the creative process, show it where I think it is manifesting itself, discuss how it gets started and how you manage that process when it’s going. And show how to live your life creatively and have some fun.

Have you been out and looked at the clouds today? If its too cloudy (or clear skies – lucky!) where you are why not download a picture off the internet with some interesting clouds and look at that. Can you see anything in there? (And if you live in the UK, get some Pancake mix on the way home, its Pancake Day!)


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