op art exhibition frankfurt

 Bridget Riley, Blaze 4, 1964

Bridget Riley,

Blaze 4, 1964

In the early 1960s, Op Art and kinetic art showed a strong interest in
objectivity and in scientific experiment. Fascinated by the physical
laws of light and optics, a whole generation dedicated itself to the
study of visual phenomena and principles of perception. Plumbing the
possibilities of optical illusion, artists like Victor Vasarely,
Bridget Riley, François Morellet, Julio Le Parc, and Gianni
Colombo deliberately sought to perplex. Their large-format paintings,
objects, and environments do not, however, simply set the
viewer’s eye in motion. They also cause the viewers to be
immersed in color, plunge them into the infinite in mirrors, or offer
them poetic games with light. The interaction between the work and the
viewer climaxed in installations that not only unfolded physical
effects in the form of afterimages, vibrating colors, or the flickering
of light but affected the entire consciousness.

Curator: Dr. Martina Weinhart (Schirn)


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