8 inch lcd tv

±0 – 8-inch LCD TV

8-inch LCD TV

“A standard CRT (cathode ray tube) TV?! This LCD TV is shaped like a
standard CRT (in common technical terms, the part that is called the
“tube” or “bottle” or “ball”). Many people are sure to feel a certain
affection for this familiar shape. But if it were a CRT TV, the CRT
alone would not function as a TV, and so it, along with other parts,
would be enclosed in a square box. This shape is one that can be
achieved because it is an LCD TV – it cannot be created as a CRT TV.
This TV can be placed on the kitchen counter or on a bed. The
transmitter relays images without the need for cables. If there’s a
power socket nearby, this TV can be used anywhere in the house.”

Japanese company ±0 (http://plusminuszero.jp) make this LCD television that’s shaped like a CRT tube. I like the simplicity of this, they have managed to make a retro object without making it tacky, it still has a modern design.

I like their design philosphy:

“Even if there’s something that I want, when it comes around to actually finding it, there are surprisingly few things that I want to buy”. Have you ever had this kind of experience? When you look around, what seems to be easy to find – something good – is actually not easy to find at all. This is said to be an age where things don’t sell. It’s true that the things we see around us are not lacking in any respect, and that more and more we are paying for services and experiences in addition to physical objects. So when we say that there’s nothing that we want, it’s not really true. When anyone discovers something good, they do so because of a sudden flash of inspiration. This is an amazing instinct. But this instinctive sense seems to have weakened slightly in recent times. There are surprisingly few good items around us, and inspiration just doesn’t hit us. This is because the market is overflowing with so many things that both adults and children have become tired of them.

Despite our society being filled with things, none of them move people at all. Inspiration does not come into play. In a word, it is because these things are…”boring”! We formed “±0” because together we wanted to open the doors to a new world, to escape from this idea of “boring” that permeates each and every area of our lives. Our idea is to reset this feeling of boredom and the creation of boring things to ±0, and start afresh to create the kind of things that people really want.”

The designer,  Naoto Fukasawa, tries to make objects that seem effortless, like a design has not been applied to them. In his words, “±0 is trying to create good things in spheres that, while being considered necessary by everyone, haven’t really had “design” applied to them.”

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