my father is very ill

My father, Des, who’s 83, is very ill and has been taken into hospital. He’s not been well for some time and is now very frail and appears to have an infection on his chest which is making him him seem very unresponsive. He’s been admitted to Weston General Hospital, which last time I was there was a good hospital, or seemed like it, now it appears to be the victim of NHS cuts, with Doctors who are too busy to talk to you, and nurses who all seem to be from eastern Europe or Africa who are also far too busy to stop and tell you what is happening. Not their fault I suppose, but there is nothing dignified in what is going on and by the way my father is being treated. All very sad.

If you are expecting a reply from me about something or another and I haven’t contacted you, it may well be that I am busy at the hospital or somewhere similar. Please be patient with me, normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


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