struggling with new camera

I’m still struggling with the new small digital camera. Its got so many features that it could take weeks to find out what they all do.

Bristol City Centre early morning

In a way its easier to use the SLR because I know my way around it, but I am determined to keep at this new small camera (Canon Powershot A530) just because it’s so small and handy to have on me. A bit like the Lomo is handy to have around, but easier on the pocket in more than one sense. You can keep or delete the digital images, whereas film just keeps on coming, with its developing and printing costs. And you have to keep all the images even if you only want the one. (I know I cant compare a Lomo shot with all its wierd colours and stuff with a digital image, the Lomo wins hands down except on price!)

I will continue with the Canon as it’s a really useful tool, especially when I’ve been asked to do the illustration for a book and I need some way of recording the original buildings for reference pictures.

Ahem..I am using it for important stuff Steve honest!


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