new camera

My Birthday yesterday, and been given a Canon A530 digital camera as a gift. Nice and small, so I will probably carry it with me everywhere, along with the other two usual cameras (a Lomo LC-A and either a Polaroid or the Minolta Dynax 600) so it will probably be three cameras now. I probably have too many cameras now..lets count..

  1. Polaroid SX-70
  2. Polaroid 600
  3. Polaroid 600 OneStep
  4. Polaroid Vison
  5. Lomo LC-A
  6. Minolta Dynax 600si
  7. Zenit E
  8. Canon PowerShot A530
  9. Rollei A26 (cant get the film now…)
  10. KODAK EASYSHARE CX4200 – bit hanging now…

That’s ten cameras. I really need to get get a couple more…

Took this picture with the new camera on the way to work.


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