anatomy of a bristol street

Met up again with Barb Drummond again yesterday. She’s a historian and has written several books on Bristol’s history. She is trying to get a book together about the history of several important streets in Bristol, looking at them from the street level and remarking on what has happened to each building, what has changed, what has stayed the same. I will probably be doing the illustration work for this. We hope to get a long flat drawing of each road showing the fronts of the buildings. No perspective, just the front section. With details about each building, and possibly images of what was there before. No, I dont have a time machine, but Barb is a good researcher! She was telling me about all the myths that surround Bristol’s history, and how she has managed to piece together the truth about what really happened. Even through my (recovering) bad cold and flu, she managed to paint a vivid picture of King Street as it would have appeared 200 years ago.  Everywhere you look or point in Bristol, she knows about. Fantastic stuff, and the image in my mind of a full size balloon being inflated in the Cooper’s Hall (later the Theatre Royal or now better know as Bristol Old Vic ) will stay with me for while. More in the book!


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