writing an artist’s biography

Because I’ve had a piece of work accepted at the Grant Bradley Gallery, I’ve got to write a 150 word artists biography (surely that should be autobiography?) from the 3rd person perspective. Sounds easy, after all I’ve spouted thousands of words on this site over the last year alone. You would have thought so wouldn’t you. No. Writing about yourself to explain your art to others is difficult, but pretending that you are someone ELSE writing this about you is really difficult. It sounds, feels, really fake. But at the same time I understand that it is a really valuable exercise. Like writing an essay or sitting an exam, you know that somehow it’s good for you but you can’t quite work out how right at the precise time. It’s only later that you might get it.

So what do I say? What do you say about yourself? A bit of history, a bit of where-you’re-coming-from? What are your inspirations? Why you have produced this particular image. And why it is produced using the media that it is produced in? Still sound easy? It might be, if only it wasn’t for that 3rd person thingy making it all sound so – difficult. It must be a particularly English thing, not wanting to beat one’s own drum or something. I am pretty sure that Californians don’t get this kind of problem for example.

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