gillian’s birthday

My good friend Gillian Lundqvist who passed away from cancer recently would have been celebrating her birthday today. She wouldn’t have liked a fuss, but Happy Birthday Gillian.

This photo was taken back in the 60’s when Gillian was a model in Italy.


One thought on “gillian’s birthday

  1. I wonder if the Gillian you mention, is the same Gilian that I have been in contact with many times, from Sweden. Married to a Swedish man, daughter of a Swedish woman, Lilian Löwenadler and James Treen.
    I was just about to contact her, when I googled her name and came upon your site – saying she is dead.
    Is it her, and when did she die?
    Does she have children?
    I am writing a book about a Swedish author that her mother knew, Karin Boye, aand I just found Gillians mothers name in a book that I wanted to tell her about.

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