how to be creative

gapingvoid: “cartoons drawn on the back of business cards”: how to be creative

I have linked to this article before, way back, but it’s so important a message that I keep coming back to it again and again. The beginning part of the process of producing a piece of art, or design, or even a new business venture, is being in that creative state. Hugh Macleod here sets out his 31 steps to being more creative. His experience? Many years in the advertising and marketing business. He is also the cartoonist that draws on the back of business cards. He is often cruel, but the cruelty is always at the expense of those whom Hugh has seen many times throughout his career – the freeloaders, the media hangers-on, the the people who have given up and moan around the water-cooler. His message though is spot on. I think his main message is, “dont listen to everyone else, listen to your own heart”. Do your own thing. Don’t automatically think that you’re going to get rich, nobody cares about you or your product/message/art. They care about what’s in it for THEM. How your message/art/product will make them feel/look. Keep going, put in the hours. Listen to your own voice and work with what you’ve got. That way lies creativity.

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