realistic vector art

Illustration Paul Bush

The World’s Most Photorealistic Vector Art (Via Gizmodo)

There are lots of examples at of vector art produced in Adobe Illustrator that blur the line between photo and illustration. Some of the comments seem to point to the fact that as the original image is scanned and then used as the basis for this, that copyright is breached and that this is also, well, not very creative. I think that it is important to work in these areas, as techniques can be developed that can be used elsewhere. The issue of creativity is a thorny one. Were the Dutch masters less creative because they produced realistic images of their subjects? I dont think so. The example below is by Japanese artist Yukio Miyamoto.

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One thought on “realistic vector art

  1. Thank you! this is Yukio Miyamoto.
    I think that the realism description is a method of acquiring the technology that divides light into the shadow.
    It differs from analog painting materials and the judgment becomes difficult in digital painting materials.
    It is thought that it is necessary to think about Illustrator as painting materials.

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