shipping container homes

MAKE: Blog: Used shipping containers as homes

Following on from the store made of containers article a few days ago, here’s an idea for houses made of containers. I think its important that these large lumps of steel are re-used, and I suspect they probably always have been in some form or another. The industrial look was popular a while back, and with the right treatment could be acceptable again. As a solution for low cost housing its a great idea as long as the insulation issues are sorted ot.

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5 thoughts on “shipping container homes

  1. hi iam very intrestedin ur designs on shipping container homes….they look great anso simple to construction, i was wondering if u coud email me simple designs

  2. What a great concept! Too bad President Bush isn’t sending these down to New Orleans by the boat loads….can you believe 2 years later people are still without homes!!!
    Would love any links or any other information you may have on pre-fab housing or ‘recycled’ homes!

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Yes its sad that there are people who need homes because of natural disasters and these things are lying around all over the planet unused. We have a very well developed infrastructure for moving these things around!

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