hdr photography

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What is HDR Photography? HDR stands for high dynamic range photography and is a “back room” or “digital darkroom” technique (read Phtoshop) to produce pictures that include the ranges of light that fall outside of the traditional film or digital image. You start by taking several different images of the same scene, but with large exposure differences between the images. You then run that through your software, such as Photoshop, using a range of techniques, and combine all of that information into a single picture which should then have much more information in it than a traditional image. What you have to do then is run it through a tone mapper to produce a viewable jpeg. As taking the original images needs a steady platform, you obviously need a tripod for this. Typically three to seven or more images may be needed for the final result.

You can find more examples of HDR work on Flickr, using the HDR tag. The images produced can often be disturbing.


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