the nod

Creating Passionate Users

Sit in a cafe with a Mac PowerBook, and chances are you’ll get The Nod–that acknowledging, approving, knowing, we’re-special look. MINI Cooper owners give each other The Nod at intersections. Display GNOME on your ThinkPad and you’ll get The Nod. But run Windows on your Dell and you won’t. (Never confuse the “I feel your pain” look with The Nod.)

What is “The Nod?” In her blog Creating Passionate Users Kathy Sierra talks about THOSE products, we know which one’s they are, that will get you “the nod.” When I say we know which products they are, I mean they are the ones that say something about the person that’s using it. They say something about you. You and the other person share something, a sense of knowing, of shared coolness or nerdiness, of being the one’s who just “know.” Mac users get the nod, PC owners just dont.

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