virtual machines

Non-geeks look away now.

VMware ESX Server diagram

I have been doing a lot of work with virtual machines in the last week. In particular working with VMWare ESX Server to set up a virtual server environment at UWE where I work in the daytime. Had some real “get back to basics” stuff, laying fibre (US trans. Fiber) under the machine room floor and backing the physical server farm onto the SAN. I have been impressed with VMWare ESX, particularly how easy it was to install and configure (I do have several years in the industry under my belt). But over all the amazing amount of flexibility that this solution is going to give us as a University and the ability to consolidate onto the virtual server farm all of those little application servers that the different departments say are SO crucial but only get accessed twice a year. I had a bit of learning curve getting my head round the Linux system that ESX runs on but it wasn’t that bad once I worked out how to mount the CDROM drive for the installer and then we were away. A ten minute install and thats it. I am looking forward to getting to grips with this system in anger over the next few weeks.

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