another post from qumana

I tried connecting through Microsoft Office Word 2007 and although it seemed to work, it actually set the date of the post to August 1967 and so the post didnt appear. Well, it did but right at the beginning of the posts. I dont understand this as all of the systems in the chain had correct dates and times and so in theory it should have worked. Maybe its just buggy code.

Qumana on the other hand is a breeze to use and so far has been trouble free. I quite like ease of use, only one criticism and that is probably something that the people at Qumana have no control over. I would like the ability to edit pages in WordPress too. As they are remarkably similar to posts, they just dont have a timestamp, it must be possible to get them out of the store and edit them. Maybe its not that easy. But anyway, it looks like Qumana will be my blog editor of choice for some time yet.

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2 thoughts on “another post from qumana

  1. Hi Leora. Unfortunately I cannot connect to this blog now using your new version. When I put in the endpoint it says something about cannot connect. Do you have any ideas? It might help to know that when I put in the link to xmlrpc.php it fails on the older vesrion and I have had to rename the file to xmlrpcxx.php (for example) and then refer to that. In the new version of Qumana it doesnt give me the option and just fails to connect. Its a shame as I was just getting to like it now it looks like I might have to choose another blogging tool.

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