southbank bristol arts trail 2006

Southville Centre

Well, its less than one week to go until the Southbank Bristol Arts Trail 2006 and am I ready? Nope. Its been a hectic few months trying to get everything ready on the website, and my own stuff has taken a bit of a backburner. My venue is at 62 Gathorne Road, but my kind friend Gillian, who lets me use her house, has been ill and it wasn’t certain that I would be able to use it as a venue. She has now said that that she would be most offended if I didnt use her house, so again, thanks Gillian!

I am showing mostly photographs this year, as I have been taking rather a lot in the last 6 months or so, and have had little time for drawing which is a shame. I will do more iluustration stuff for next year’s art trail to make up for it. I am hoping to have at least 10 largish photo’s on display and then a selection of smaller prints. No bags this year for sale!


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