bar none

posh graffiti

Saw this on Raleigh Road in Bristol out of the Cafe window where I was sipping Cafe Latte on a cold snowy windy day in March. Reminds me of the Planter Peanuts logo. Amazes me how these people have the time to paint these things without being caught, especially as it’s a very busy place. The building it is on is at present a carpet shop but it is widely rumoured that it will be bought by Henry Africa’s bar, further expanding the gentrification and “barification” of South Bristol. WE are so “lucky” that its such a trendy place to live!


One thought on “bar none

  1. Makes the previous rumour of a Tesco’s look good, doesn’t it. Our new Green councillor says he doesn’t want another bar but is quite happy to see another restaurant. What do you think? Personally, I think we’ve enough, and what we really need is a cane furniture outlet to replace the sadly-missed one further up.

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