Seth’s Blog: Beware the CEO blog

Seth’s Blog: Beware the CEO blog

Seth Godin is a very wise person who writes about marketing, change and work. He writes about why some things sell and some dont. He writes about why some things are successful and others not. In his article (which was first published in Oct 2004) he says:

“Blogs work when they are based on:
Pithiness and

(maybe Utility if you want six).”

And I think he’s right. A blog has to have something that makes you want to be there, people arent going to turn up and read your stuff just because it’s there, or because you think they should. You might care about what you’re talking about, but do others? You must have at least four of the above items for your blog to be successful. I realised that some of the articles here have some of the features, but not all. So I am going to add some controversy in here soon (there that fulfills all the above criteria!)


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