up and coming areas

“The artists move in because it is cheap. The designers move in because of the cache the artists bring with them. The trendies move in because it is the right thing to do. The posh bastard moves in because it is expensive. ” Grayson Perry

wall textureGreyson Perry is right about the flow of people into an area. It is the artists who turn up first, looking for cheap place to live and to work in. Southville, and to some extent Ashton and Bedminster, have gone through this first stage and we are in the second or third stages now. This means that there are no properties for people to buy or rent as cheap housing or for studio space. All of the artists are being squeezed out. Where will they go? The idea of an artistic and cultural centre in South Bristol is an important one, we need to be able to maintain an artistic base in the area. This might be happening soon, but if it doesn’t – what will happen to the artists? They will be pushed out further into Bedminster or beyond where the process will begin again.


2 thoughts on “up and coming areas

  1. i am an artist who wants to move to south bristol. if these areas are already into becomming trendy design ghettos, where are the artists moving to now?

  2. There are still houses here, artists are still moving into the area, it’s just harder to find good properties for a reasonable price. It is very pricey around here, Bedminster is cheaper than Southville, but even thats changing fairly fast.

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