Went to see the “inauguration of the intimate” last night at Tollgate House, a tower block they are demolishing floor-by-floor at the end of the M32 motorway in central Bristol. They are projecting images on the sides of this block each night, turning the building into a giant canvas. Blackout Arts is the name of the collective that is working on the installations, and they will be showing stuff on the side of the building for two weeks. The first week long installation is “it is all around us” by Rod Maclachlan and the second is “I dream a tower” by Jem Noble of Blackout Arts.

It was very cold up on the roof of the multi-storey car-park that’s right next door to Tollgate House and is being used as a viewing platform for the events. It felt like -3 and I have to admit I didnt stay right the way through to the end. I tried to get some pictures but the batteries in my camera packed up! The projector at the front of the installation broke down half way through but they did get it working in the end. But having said that it was a good idea, and we will see how it develops over the next two weeks. Photographers are also invited to photograph the installation and email or post their still pictures to Blackout Arts, where they will be incorporated alongside pictures by Adam Faraday. Images should be sent to

Tickets for the next event on February 2nd are available from the Merchants Quarter Information Centre, located at 21 Penn Street in Broadmead, or by calling the Merchants Quarter hotline on 0117 929 2888.

tollgate house


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