arts centre in southville?

cash save2

An arts space in South Bristol? I heard recently that Bristol City Council were looking to invest in culture in the south of the City. This would be an excellent opportunity to do just that. I know there are arts centres on Spike Island and in Hotwells, But South Bristol needs a new focus for the arts and culture. A combined workshop and gallery space would be a great idea, the exhibition space could be used to generate revenue, local schools could use the resources for teaching, and resident artists in workshops could generate revenue through rents. Hey, we could even have Yet Another Cafe selling even more Cafe Lattes.

  • Workshops for five or six permanent artists
  • Workshop space for local schools/organisations
  • Gallery space for local/national artists and exhibitions
  • Permanent gallery space
  • Cafe (yeah I know…)
  • Arts club
  • Media centre

Money could be raised from several sources:

  • Sponsorship
  • Local council
  • Artists in residence
  • Cafe
  • Exhibition space
  • Commissions

This is a good time for this to happen, all it needs is the will of local people and we can make it happen. I know we have a community centre in the form of the Southville Centre but this space is different. I know we have cultural events at the Tobacco Factory but that is different too as that is a business not a local resource. I would welcome feedback or further ideas (the above picture is just a suggestion by the way – there are lots of suitable empty spaces in this area).


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