online art gallery application

Since Flickr doesn’t officially support scanned images and artwork it is incumbent upon me to provide the means for fellow artists to upload, show and sell their work. But as Flickr provides much more functionality than just the ability to upload and show images we must be able to do the same. So we should have the ability to use the uploaded images on other sites, have links into online printing services, and generally have the ability to add functionality as we proceed. It would therefore be logical to publish the API of the application so that others can extend. I haven’t got a name or a site or an app yet – that is the next stage.

The next issue is how should the application be written? I know some Javascript but perhaps Ruby on Rails would be a better bet? Also how would the application be funded? By advertising? By subscription? By commission? Or perhaps by a mixture or all three? There should be free access for the basic levels, for the free galleries or shows or whatever we call the groups of images. Galleries. There, decided that.


2 thoughts on “online art gallery application

  1. IMHO, the next issue isn’t about APIs or what language an app should be written in. It’s more about how ‘users’ might  want to interact with this app? i.e. What else is available? Who is using it? If something cool exists, why aren’t they using it? etc. It may be worth exploring other avenues before getting bogged-down in the intricacies of a large (or small) scale software project! For instance: it might be worth constructing a online petition to lobby for flickr to include drawings and media other than photos.(btw I found your blog after spotting some of your drawings in my flickr rss feed for ‘bristol’ (, I think it’s a shame that that this type of content should be banned, maybe there are technical reasons behind the ‘nothing but photos’ edict . i.e. using valid EXIF data as a first-step spam filter, etc. But it seems kinda mean to automatically ban something not from a camera, when they readily publish any result of a finger-twitch.)

  2. Thanks for the comment. Your idea of an online petition is a good one and I had certainly not thought of it. I will try that first before getting bogged down. As you say Flickr might change their mind in the future. I was kind of ready to get bogged down in a web project anyway, and was toying for a while with the idea of an online art gallery. I have some ideas about what I would want from an online art gallery, and the services that I would like to have hanging off the back end. I will consider the users very carefully, they will be artists with fragile egos so I cant risk upsetting them!

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