Flickr doesn’t support Art

A few facts about Flickr were drawn to my attention this week, something I hadn’t been aware of as I did not bother to read the small print when I signed up (and paid for the “PRO” account). The fact is, Flickr DOES NOT support anything other than photos. Big deal I hear you say. But what is the actual deal here? No scanned images. No drawn art. No Photoshopped pictures. If you are showing lots of Photoshopped or scanned images you will get automatically branded as “NIPSA” and you will not appear in public searches. Flickr appears to discriminate against certain types of JPEG file, those not tagged with EXIF information. This has thankfully not happened to me yet but please be aware that it could happen if you upload images that appear mostly to not be digital photos. In revenge I for one want to create a “Flickr for artwork” where photographs are BANNED! I hope I dont hear the web 2.0 wheels coming off the waggon!


One thought on “Flickr doesn’t support Art

  1. Oooooohhh – that makes sense now!

    I didn’t realise this would happen. I made an account (Em-K) on flickr to point a few more people to Emily’s artwork pages, as linked to on this site (thank you!) and it never really came up on the general web searches.

    I guess this is for a few reasons, including the fact that most of the images are not photos (scanned versions of her screen prints, which I guess fall into the illustration category) and that the comments under the images do point to her website.

    I’ve sent that flickr also doesn’t like the latter, too, as if there’s too many links to any one site (or maybe any site external to flickr) it sees these as advertising and so cuts these accounts out of searches.

    I guess that makes sense as otherwise flickr would be inundated with spam and that would ruin it’s whole purpose.

    I wholeheartedly encourage you to start an illustration and/or artwork one, though. If it hasn’t been (well) done already! 🙂

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