Art Gallery?

I have been playing around for a while with the idea of opening an art gallery in south Bristol. Some of my questions are:

  • If it were possible to open an art gallery what would the business model be?
  • How would it generate revenue? It is possible that some of it would come from commission on sales, but how much commission can you charge on these things?
  • Would a gallery make money if it also had coffee/food?
  • If there was a computing/website consultancy tied in do you think it would work?
  • Where do you think it would be best to site it?
  • A web based gallery would be cheap to run and might make money as well as a physical space. Having both would be a good idea.
  • Who are the customers, how much income do they have? How much can they afford to spend on art?
  • Is the gallery a contemporary space or traditional? Or is it both?
  • Hands-on courses/demonstrations would be good

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