Avon Cut Bridge

Avon Cut Bridge Posted by Hello
Lets look at how you get ideas for doing work. Why is this bridge so important to me? I keep coming back to this time and time again. It has to do with escape! It was an escape, from life on one side of the bridge, to another life on the other side of Spike Island where my friends lived. It was an escape to pubs which were safe to drink in (in those days..), people who had something to say, lazy summer evenings drinking outside watching boats glide by with booze cruises and people just enjoying stuff. It was a connection between one world and another. It was an important part of my development.

Funny I am now many years later living in Bedminster, but this bridge is still important. I want to do a series of works using this bridge and explore themes of escape and connection. There, said it. No too arty was it!


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